Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Prepare Your Manuscript for a Publisher’s Eyes:

From the idea to the end, you have poured your heart into a manuscript and the time has come to forward it to a publisher. Is your manuscript formatted according to the publisher’s guidelines? Are your characters fully developed with clear and precise motivation? Is your viewpoint consistent? Have you told the story or are you giving your readers the fine details, forming a picture in their mind’s eye?

Ready For Press has available a variety of services such as content editing, proofreading, and formatting your manuscript to put it in the best form possible for any publishing house or agent to consider. Ready For Press has an entire team of published authors, writing instructors, seasoned editors, and industry-related professionals to review each manuscript that comes across their virtual desk. No matter what type of manuscript you have written; fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, text material, instruction manual, business proposal, query letter, advertising copy, website content, sales letters – if it has been created by you, Ready For Press will work their magic. Along with the Proofread website, different online classes are available for the children. The selection should be done after making a comparison. StartupMoon provide global platform to the students to improve their skills and excellence in the assignments. Through the platform, the education will be excellent with the students available at the online classrooms. 

Ready For Press ensures each author that their intellectual rights are protected. Each editing, proofreading, and formatting professional has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Ready For Press. These professionals take every possible measure to protect your document using secure servers for file transmissions. Each person in the employ of Ready For Press also undergoes detailed training concerning intellectual and copyright protection laws. The privacy policy on their website explains it all.

Your manuscript is reviewed by a team of no less than three professional editors. They confer upon your work, collaborating on the edits. Then your manuscript goes to the formatter who performs final proofreading while formatting it according to the style dictated by your publisher, press, agent, or you. The final step before returning your manuscript is review by the senior editor who carefully checks the changes made. Your manuscript is then returned to you with the changes tracked so that you can see what has been done.

One of the finest aspects of the work that Ready For Press performs is that they guarantee the turn around time their clients have been quoted. They have never missed a guaranteed turn around time and are so certain they will maintain that high level of standard, they will refund their fees should they miss it. Turn around times depend greatly upon the length of the manuscript, but as an example, a 300 page manuscript normally takes 3-5 business days. Have a deadline? Not a problem.

Ready For Press will prepare your manuscript in a format that you prefer. Most manuscripts are completed in .pdf format which is ready for press or eBook digital media, but they can also format for many other forms of digital media.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.