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Popular Ways To Use Bitcoin – Your Edge With Digital Cash

Is Bitcoin just a financial bubble? Many traders would disagree with this because this digital currency is gradually moving into the mainstream market into this Aussage, dass Bitcoin Era. This digital cash has all the edge when pitted with fiat money because it is available 24/7, lightning fast transactions, has zero downtime, no middleman, and a value that is dependent on demand.

Send Bitcoins as Gift

Just like sending cash to your friends and loved ones, you can also send Bitcoins as a gift or a form of payment for suppliers or sellers. You can send them a BTC with a paper wallet or a cold storage wallet using Trezor, CEX, or CoinBase. This is like sending cash gifts only that you do so in a very secure and faster way than the traditional route. This is also a modern and fun way to send cash gifts because you are also introducting Bitcoin to your loved ones or colleagues worldwide.

Books Travels with BTC

For travel buffs, you can now book flights, hotels, and other vacation packages with the use of Bitcoin. Everything is done faster and seamless in a virtual platform. There is practically less paperwork and just pure convenience at your fingertips. This allows ease of access in countless destinations worldwide. There are travel sites online that allow you to book your next travel with BTC payments.

Diversify Your Investments

This is probably one of the most popular ways to use Bitcoin. As a financial asset, investing in Bitcoin is very secure because it uses mathematical algorithms which mean storage security is equivocal to keeping your money in a Swiss Bank.

While some people would think twice when investing in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, knowing how to spread your risks will allow you to look at Bitcoin in a different light. Adding Bitcoin to your portfolio would provide you a well-balanced and diversified investment tool alongside bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.

Bitcoin has the ability to convert itself into any currency you prefer. It’s volatile yet very safe even for new investors. Its value is universal and does not depend on location. So, as demand increases, Bitcoin’s intrinsic value also goes up. This is seen as an excellent economic hedge in the future. You can also hold a variety of other cryptocurrencies to create a balance in your digital cash spread.

Gamble in Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin allows you to gamble anonymously and safely online. Bitcoin gambling is now more user-friendly, intuitive, and available in different locations. You can also get into the high-stakes betting without the fear of having tax collectors snooping on your finances. There are now physical slot machines that accept Bitcoin so you can enjoy the game online or in casino slots conveniently near you.

 Shop Online

For many shoppers that can’t get enough of Black Friday sales and the like, it would be very convenient if e-commerce sites are able to provide wide range of payment options to speed up and heighten user experience. This is where Bitcoin comes into the picture.

Many e-commerce sites are now accepting cryptocurrency payments. Even the giant names in the industry like Microsoft, Overstock, TigerDirect, and Newegg are adopting the Bitcoin currency for payment transactions which is a good sign that Bitcoin is gently going into the mainstream market. Even local restaurants or stores started accepting Bitcoin as well as peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Donate To Charity

With the use of Bitcoin, it is now easier to donate to non-profit or charitable orgnizations of your choice worldwide. The best part when you donate with Bitcoin, you are able to track where your donations go so you are sure that the intended recipients get it on time.

The process is also faster and more efficient because you eliminate the middleman and the paperworks. You can also choose to donate privately or anonymously with Bitcoin. Some of the major charities that accept Bitcoin funding are the following: Red Cross, Wikipedia, and Green Peace.

Bitcoin has certainly revotionulize trading and the way we exchange value in the digital world. Aside from being an investment vehicle, Bitcoin has many uses with its function as the digital money.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.