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Plastic Surgery Tragedies: Are Women Dying to Be Perfect?

Recent headlines reported the news of the tragic death of rapper Kanya West’s 58-year-old mother Donda. The initial reason given was that it was due to “complications” from plastic surgery she had had performed by a surgeon whose reputation is now in question. Sources indicate that she had a breast reduction and tummy tuck. West stopped breathing while at home and was rushed immediately to Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center, where she later passed away.

Her story is one among a number of others that involve unhappy outcomes as a result of plastic surgery procedures. Hollywood, beauty magazines and the media in general push the myth of physical perfection, causing many women to feel inadequate. Donda West, by all appearances, seemed to be a vibrant, attractive woman, but apparently she was dissatisfied with her looks. This is probably what prompted her to go under the knife.

One out of every 57,000 cosmetic surgeries result in death and the risk increases when more than one procedure is being done at the same time. Because plastic surgery is so commonplace in the United States and some other western countries, people often fail to realize that, like any other kind of surgery, it carries certain risks. It’s a lot more complicated than the “easy nip and tuck” perception we’ve been led to believe.

Other instances in which women have lost their lives after cosmetic surgery are:

Adrienne Brown

Adrienne Brown was the 47-year-oldthird wife of the late “Godfather of Soul” James Brown. Embroiled in a continuous on again-off again marriage with the singer, Adrienne shocked her friends and family when she died in 1996, just two days following liposuction surgery. Reportedly, her doctor said that she may have had a pre-existing heart problem.

Kimberly A. Taylor

Kimberly A. Taylor, 53, was a respected Tucson, Arizona attorney, when she decided to have a tummy tuck and facelift performed. She suffered complications during the surgery and was put on life support at the Tucson Medical Center, where she later died.

This was not Taylor’s first experience with cosmetic surgery, as she had had earlier procedures performed in the past

Olga Myers

Olga Myers, a 42-year-old realtor from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, lost her life after going through what she thought would be a routine eye job and facelift in a private medical office. The surgery was botched and, after being taken to the Broward General Medical Center, she died of complications believed to be related to the unsuccessful cosmetic surgery. Two other former patients also claimed to have suffered life-threatening injuries and disfigurement, as a result of procedures performed by the same plastic surgeon, who was later investigated.

Petronella Christina Susanna Jansen van Rensburg

Petronella Christina Susanna Jansen van Rensburg, a South African woman, had liposuction done. When her daughter telephoned the plastic surgeon who performed it to tell him that van Rensburg was suffering extreme pain, his response was to prescribe painkillers. When van Rensburg’s condition continued to worsen, her desperate daughter took her to Pretoria East Hospital, where she later went into a coma and suffered two heart attacks. She died and the surgeon was charged with “culpable homicide.”

Why Do They Do It?

There are some situations, such as with severely disfigured individuals or those with specific health conditions, in which plastic surgery is a positive thing. Far too many people, however, have procedures done purely out of vanity.

Women are more apt to have this type of surgery than men, because of the pressure to appear “eternally youthful.” Women in show business are especially prone to this, because, as they age, they get less work and even less attention. Clint Eastwood, for example, can get as wrinkled and leathery as an old saddlebag and still maintain a career. His female counterparts,on the other hand, can be sidelined at the first sign of crow’s feet or love handles. Even “regular” woman want to project an image of youthfulness.

There are some plastic surgeons with dubious backgrounds who take advantage of this insecurity. They are simply out to get a buck and lack the expertise, skills and competency of their more reputable peers.

While we may have our own personal opinions about our society’s fear of getting older, the reality is that women will continue to get cosmetic surgery.

If you are someone who is considering doing this, then be cautious by making certain that your surgeon is licensed, board-certified and in good standing in the medical community about the Tummy Tuck With Amazing Results before & after treatment clinics that claims to giving the result to the patient within the few hours of operation. Check to see if any malpractice lawsuits have ever been filed against him and do a background check on him to find out if there are other concerns that might put you in danger.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.