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Pink Fashion Ideas For Men Who Don’t Wear Pink

Until recently pink has been a taboo color for men. Now it is not unusual to find a man in pink who will proudly tell you that real men wear pink. Until a man has worn a touch of pink, he has not shown true security in his manhood. Here are some ideas for ways a man to incorporate a bit of pink in your wardrobe and accessories.

Pinstripe pink fashions for men: Wear your pink in small doses in your business attire. It is very easy to find shirts of any color with the tiniest pink stripe. It is not too difficult to find a grey suit with a pink pin stripe either.

Balanced pink fashions for men: To add pink to your wardrobe in a subtle way, be sure to balance it with a dark or manly color. Slacks in a deep rich brown or charcoal gray will go nicely with a dress shirt with a series of pink and brown or gray stripes.

Not really-pink fashions for men: Use colors that at not exactly pink. Fuchsia is a bold color in the pink family, but it is not really pink. You can argue that it is closer to red. Blush is another color in the pink family, but it can easily be mistaken for white in the right light.

Pink t-shirt fashions for me: There are dozens of websites online that allow you to make your own t-shirts. You can choose a black t-shirt background and design a logo or saying that is in pink. Your image or saying can be as manly as you wish. Here is a saying you can use on your shirt: ‘I wear pink for the ladies’.

Pink Painted Fashions for men: Distressed jeans with art are very popular right now. You can sneak a bit of pink into your wardrobe by painting a design, or splashing a bit of pink paint onto your distressed jeans.

Pink occasional fashions for men: Purchase a few pink accessories that you can wear when you are feeling bold. You can find the following accessories in the color pink in any number of department stores: hats, ties, scarves, handkerchiefs, belts, shoes, and even slim wallet. Color is a significant and powerful element in clothing. So if you really want to make a statement through your outfit, you should put on some accessories with bold color such as pink. But you really have to know how to balance everything.

Formally pink fashion for men: Save pink for formal occasions by purchasing pink tuxedo accessories. This is a great excuse to wear pink because you can match your dates outfit. Of course, you will have to make sure she wears pink to pull it off. Cummerbunds, bow ties, ascots, and button covers all come in pink versions.

Subtly Pink Fashion for men: If all of these ideas still feel too bold, try some very subtle pink fashions that only the most discerning eye will notice. Buy cuff links with pink gemstones in it. Purchase a jacket with a pink interior lining. Buy a pair of Pink boxers. This way you can get comfortable with wearing pink and later graduate up to purchasing a few pink accessory items.

Pink Accessories for men: To add a tiny bit of pink into your wardrobe that you can wear when the mood strikes, consider purchasing hats like baseball caps, apple caps, and Kangols. Purchase a pink tie, or a tie with pink in the design. You may also want to consider pink shoes, a pink belt, and even a watch with a pink band. (If anyone gives you a hard time, tell him or her your significant other purchased it.)

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.