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Perfect Father’s Day Gift Options for a Hard-to-Shop Daddy

My father is the most difficult person to shop for in the world. I would rather deal with a car salesman or go to the dentist than try to shop for a gift for my father. He is always the last person I buy a gift for at Christmas and coming up with a gift for Father’s Day and his birthday are just as difficult. My father says he has everything he needs and does not want anything so he is very little help when trying to find the perfect gift for him. 

One of the options is to find a corporate gifts wholesale Singapore where you can buy the best gifts for dads. These are perfect for fathers who work as executives in an office. But if your dad has different job, you’re probably having doubts about buying him office supplies. 

Therefore, what do you give a dad who has everything and is the most difficult-to-buy-for father for Father’s Day? 

Four gift ideas for Father’s Day for the hardest-to-shop-for father 

  1. A walk down memory lane – My dad took me fishing when I was young. We stopped when I got older but I remember how much fun it was to go fishing with daddy when I was a little girl. For Father’s Day, I am taking him fishing – – I will get everything we need, pack a lunch and surprise him. If your father is hard to shop for, think back to something you did together when you were a child and take him on a walk down memory lane.
  1. Become dad’s handyman for the day – There is no way my father would let me work in his yard or on his house while he sat in a recliner watching sports. However, he will allow me to assist him with projects. For Father’s Day, decide on a home improvement, buy the supplies and then spend the day with your dad doing the work.
  1. Photo shoot – My dad grumbled about this; however, he went along with it and enjoyed the time together with his daughter and his grandchild. Most parents have family portraits with their children as they grow up; however, as adults we rarely have a family portrait with our parents (we continue the tradition with our own children though). For Father’s Day, schedule a relaxed, casual photo shoot (your spouse can be the photographer) to capture the memory of your adult relationship with your father. Make sure to include your own children to have three (or more) generations all together.

  1. Become a sports fan for the day – Buying your dad tickets to his favorite sport is a nice Father’s Day gift but actually attending the sporting event with him is even better. I am not a huge sports fan but my father is – – he loves almost all sports. His favorite sport is golf. Being the frugal man that he is, he would fuss at me for buying him tickets to a major golf tournament; however, he will enjoy me spending the afternoon with him watching it on television while he “instructs” me about the game.

The best part of each of the Father’s Day gifts described above is that they all require you to spend the day with dad. Spending time with your father on Father’s Day, or any other day you designate, is the best gift you can give him. 

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.