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Is There Any Difference Between Protection Dogs And Guard Dogs?

More often than not, protection dogs and guard dogs are weighed on the same scale. However the truth lies in the fact that both types of dogs are different. A protection dog and watch dog are both meant to secure your home and property, however both have characteristics different from one another. This is mostly because of the difference in the ways they are trained. Certain dog breeds can serve both as best protection dogs and best guard dogs, depending on how you train them.

What are Guard Dogs?

A guard dog is trained to be specifically a working dog. Breeds trained as guard dogs have no traits of pet dogs and are generally meant to guard your property. They always have their “guard” mode on and do not make for good pets. They are particularly trained to bare their teeth and growl at strangers, and can never show friendly gestures to them. Guard dogs can be trained at three levels of security. Thus there are 3 types of guard dogs:

  1. Alarm Dog – This kind of guard dogs are trained to growl and alert you with a deep threatening bark. However it will not take any action to drive away the strangers. The bark and growl of an alarm dog are enough to drive away intruders in most cases.
  2. Sentry Dog – Such kind of guard dogs are stationed at large properties like shipyards and warehouses. Sentry dogs are trained to attack any trespasser. They roam around freely keeping a watch on the premises and perform their role as trained.
  3. Attack Dog – These dogs are trained at military level and are not sociable at all. They are trained to attack and even kill on command from the master. These are mostly police and military dogs.

Guard dogs for your house are again different from watchdogs. While any breed of dog, even your friendly pet dog can make for great watchdogs. However guard dogs are trained to do so much more than just keep a watch. Guard dogs should be trained to tell friends from foes. They generally do not distinguish among strangers. However some breeds can recognize family members right from their smell and do not growl or bark at them. You may also need to introduce your family and friends to your guard dog so that they don’t drive them away. Guard dogs are obedient and fiercely loyal to their owners.

What are Protection Dogs?

While several breeds of dogs can make for good guard dogs, protection dogs need to be more intelligent than guard dogs. Only a few breeds like German Shepherd and Doberman etc., can make for great protection pets. A protection dog is trained to save your home as well as family residing inside it from intruders. Protection dogs are family dogs. They should learn to bite and command and even leave on command. A protection dog should be alert and have quick reflexes. It should not be too aggressive or too friendly. It is however extremely loyal to the family it belongs to. A family protection dog can be costly, but is also quite rewarding.

You can either choose to buy a trained protection dog, or buy a puppy from a breed of

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