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How to make the Connect 4 game yourself?

Four-In-A-Row or Connect 4 Game is a game that you can play with kids of any given age. It is fun and exciting for children to participate in this game and they will jump in joy while playing. Have you ever thought of making a Four-In-A-Row game at your home by yourself? Well, yes that’s possible. How? We have got you the perfect guide that will help you make a Connect 4 Game at home. Make sure to check out the steps carefully and meanwhile, teach your kids the different connect 4 strategy.

Steps You Need To Follow To Make The Game

Here are the steps that you will need to follow in order to make the Connect 4 game yourself –

Step 1 

first cut out 21 small circles in an 1″ of diameter, of different colors. You can use CNC to separate the circles out of acrylic, however you can also get a long 1″ dowel rod and easily slice the circles into 1/4″ pieces. Now cut two equal pieces of materials in order to match main template and attach both of them and then the template with the help of good quality spray adhesive. After that, drill out holes in 3/4″ bit or a CNC once again. Sand the inside of the cut out circles using a spindle sander.

Step 2 

use a ¼ inches material and then cut some strips which are exactly ⅛ inches wide. Now, trim down all the 9 pieces and then start from the bottom of the template and attach all the different pieces with wood glue. Use the game piece as spacers and spray white color inside the circles. Slightly sand all the dividers in order to let the glue adhere to then real good.


Step 3

use a good CA glue to fix all the dividers to the various face plates. Now you need to apply light pressure for a 10-15 seconds in order to fix them in position well. Sand down all different sides of the board game thoroughly. Now, rip a ¼ inches material to any width of your preference and chop down 4 pieces of the same into desired height. Line up the different pieces beside each other and fix them together tightly. Sand all the cut and make the surface absolutely smooth.

Step 4 

now, add a lot of glue and make sure to clamp the elements into a shaped box. Cut down two different squares in order to fit them at the ends of the particular box. Then, you need to loose the clamps, and add glue, once again to insert all the end pieces. Once the glue has dried up, do sanding over the surfaces to make them smooth. Now work on all the available grits and you will have a nice box in front of you.

Step 5

use a saw and cut of each side 1 inch thick. Cut of from opposite side in the same manner. Use a market to denote the center point on all the sides and punch holes over the line towards the inner side of the box. Drill tiny holes to stop larger bits from wandering. Now drill out a big size hole but make sure that it does not pierces to the exterior of the box. Use earth magnets and attach them to the right places carefully. Don’t forget to use an epoxy and magnets to attach them to the game board as well or else it won’t fall into place at all.

So here you have it – a Four-In-A-Row game made at home that too in such a short span. Follow the steps carefully and play the game with your kids for a fun time together always.

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