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Furemover Hair Removal Brush

I saw the FURemover brush one day in the pet section of my supermarket. I thought twice about purchasing this brush, not sure if it would really do all it claimed to do, or if it was simply a gimmick. At the cost of $6.00, I didn’t have much to lose.

The brush measures 10″ long and 2″ wide, including the handle. The end has a small hole allowing you to hang it up if you so desire. The brush is made of electrostatic rubber and has a total of 174 extremely soft and pliable rubber bristles. The edge of the brush has a rubber squeegee to assist with a variety of cleaning jobs.


* Brushing pets

* Remove lint from clothing

* Cleaning upholstery, carpet and throw rugs

* Removing sand and dirt from car seats

* Cleaning countertops and tables of gritty substances like sugar


This brush is a good little tool! It does attract pet hair and lint from clothing and furniture and cleans lint off of my black pants quickly and without leaving any marks behind. Years ago I saw a rubber broom being sold at a home show, and this tool reminds me of that. It will clean countertops thoroughly of you have spilled salt, sugar, cornmeal, flour, etc. Usually, these substances leave a bit of a residue, but not when you clean them with the FURemover.

I have an area rug in front of my kitchen sink, and the material it’s made of tends to attract more hair, lint and dirt than my other area rugs. The FURemover allowed me to sweep it clean, leaving a pile of debris at one end, that I simply dumped into my garbage can.

The brush is very durable, and the bristles don’t ever lose their shape. It’s soft enough that it will not scratch or mar any surfaces. The directions say you can use it to wash your pet or clean your car or tires. The bristles are soft enough to clean well without scuffing surfaces.

The squeegee is effective, but I prefer a longer squeegee when cleaning my windows. This one is only 5 1/3″ long. It does work well cleaning spilled liquids on kitchen counters, and it is easily washed by holding under running water.

We have a long-haired dog who hates to be brushed. I thought that this brush might do the job and be very gentle while getting out of her snarls. Unfortunately, this was the only job the brush didn’t do well. The bristles weren’t strong enough to actually remove any snarls, but rather it just glided over the top of her fur. She didn’t seem to mind it though, and I think maybe it gave her a little bit of a massage. I bet this would work well for cats who are shedding their hair!

The FURremover is made by EVRIHOLDER Products, Inc. If you are not satisfied with these hair removal options than you can always try laser hair removal. Laser hair removal, for body hair reduction in patients is an efficient process that provides long-lasting results.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.