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Free On-line Horoscopes

Most people know their sun sign but those who are interested in looking more deeply into astrology may wonder about the other planet positions in their charts.

Unless they have had their chart drawn up by an astrologer, it will be difficult for them to relate what they read about the planets and other aspects of birth charts, with their own horoscope. There are a number of sites online that offer free birth charts; some will give a deeper analysis for a price.

However, for those who wish to take advantage of finding out what lies behind their horoscope, it’s worth taking advantage of these free online services. Enter your birth details and this service will provide a list of the planets in the signs and houses and also a brief character analysis. Further free services include a list of daily transits and a brief description of what these mean.

As well as this, enter your partner’s birth details and a comparison of the planets between the two charts will be given along with a brief analysis of the two charts compared.

Warning: Just be sure not to take everything that is said literally as this is just a brief analysis, the aspects aren’t weighed up with other factors in the chart and therefore too much stress might be placed on the wrong ones.

Even so, as a means to acquire the technical details of a chart, this site is highly recommended. Abacusastrology First enter your place of birth, then you will be given the chance to enter your birth details. From this you will be given a list of the planets in the signs and quite an interesting little analysis that includes the planetary aspects. – Enter birth details, remember to put a 0 in front of any single number and you will be given an explanation on astrology plus quite a comprehensive character reading.

Another highly recommended site.


This site offers a free birth chart service and asks for your birth details but then you must register your email address on the site. It does not ask for a place or time of birth so not enough information is supplied to receive an accurate birth chart and it does not give instant access to your horoscope details.


It is quite time consuming to enter the birth details required for this site, having to use a City Locater drop down menu. Also without supplying an email address, chart details aren’t given. The selection of the حظك اليوم will be convenient for the person if there will be sign up at online sites. There can be offering of the person details with safety at the site. 

The Zodiac Master

From this site, access is given to Astrolabe and Astrodienst, another two sites offering free birth chart calculations. Astrolabe also includes a free mini interpretation of your chart; these are generalised descriptions but no registration is necessary and service is quick and easy.

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