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Feed Your Brain with Nintendo DS and the Brain Age Game Series

Count me in if you’ve got a brain game. I’ve always loved a good challenge and any chance I had to show off what I know. I enjoy taking tests. Yes, I’m a nerd. Like most nerds, my hand eye coordination is lacking and most video games are a challenge. Combinations like ABBXY-up arrow are more than my fingers and brain can manage at the same time and in short order. For people like me, Nintendo’s DS Lite is a perfect system. With games that allow you to use a stylus and actually write or click on the screen rather than use the buttons to control the action many more people are able to enjoy playing video games.

Given the aforementioned fact that I am a geek; Brain Age and Brain Age 2 are right up my alley. Think quick, what’s 3+5? If you had to think about the answer, you may want to check these Nintendo DS games out. These games will have you thinking on your toes in no time flat. Using games that activate the pre-frontal cortex you exercise your flabby, tired brain back into shape. The goal is to give your brain a work out and have it functioning like a 20 year old brain all the time. Just like creating a home sensory gym where you have to be very detail oriented for you to be successful on it.
You start by creating a profile then taking the brain age test. After that you train a few minutes everyday and take a brain age check every couple of days. You can track your progress for each activity and through the testing. Progress is posted on a bar graph for each activity.

Brain Age includes games that have you keeping track of the number of people coming and going from a house, how much time has passed, and finding certain numbers or counting how many numbers are spinning or sliding on a screen filled with all different size, color and moving numbers. It’s almost enough to make your head spin. If reading is your thing, you can read a passage from classic literature or count syllables in a phrase; just don’t forget to work quickly as it’s all timed.

Brain Age 2 brought change making, piano playing, number memory, and a word scramble into the mix. Questions such as ‘What is 5 days from last Tuesday?’ and activities that have you unscramble the letters U-M-C-S-I will have you thinking faster in no time. More math games have you remembering which number was just crossed out so you can add or subtract the visable number and deciding which function makes 8 5 = 40 a true statement.
Both games feature random events to test your memory or creativity. You may be asked what you saw on the news, what you are wearing, or to draw a picture. After you’ve trained for the day you can unwind by playing Sudoku, there’s over 100 different puzzles to choose from. Answers to all challenges are either written on the touch screen or said aloud into the microphone. The game discs hold data for up to four people and you can compare your artistic endeavors. You never have to compete with anyone else during training so you never have to ‘beat’ anyone, just improve on your last set of scores. There is a quick play option for anyone not wanting to store info on the disc.

To call the Brain Age series ‘games’ may be reaching a bit as they are more like activities than games. For people who are looking for fun mental stimulation, this is a great couple of titles to check out and add to your DS game collection. Just like your muscles, if you don’t give your brain a work out, it will turn to mush.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.