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Cricket Phone Service Coverage Expanded! How! Read to know

Cricket phone service has a reputation for being a good deal. However, a lot of people don’t choose this phone plan because they don’t like the limited coverage options. Luckily, Cricket has expanded their service and more people will want to consider their phone plans.

Cricket phone service has always had many pros.

One thing is Cricket does not require a contract for cell phone service. You can walk into any Cricket store (or visit their website) buy a cell phone, and start talking. No credit checks, no insane deposit fees. If you buy a new phone, you don’t even have to pay for the first month. If you don’t make your bill, they will shut off the phone after a few days. When you go back, you do have to pay a fee. Even if you never pay again, you will not be harassed or tracked down . No collection agencies, no suing, no excessive billing notifications. If you decide to get service again someday, you start off fresh.

Another is all Cricket phone plans have unlimited minutes for a really fair price. That means calling any number on any network 24 hours a day. Same price every bill, guaranteed. Unlimited text messaging with most Cricket phone plans are also provided. This is a good option for parents who are worried about sky high cell phone bills.

Until recently, Cricket was perfect only for those who didn’t leave their “calling area.” This meant if you traveled more than a few towns away, your cell phone could not make or receive calls. This is inconvenient if you leave the area frequently.

Recently though, Cricket has upgraded everything and made their service even better.

You can set up your phone service to “$60 Cricket Nation 200 Plan”. This means for $60 a month, you get all the excellent benefits of the unlimited usage. However, the 200 is for roaming minutes. Yes, roaming. This means you can leave your local area and still talk on the phone! Another amazing addition is that all cities that offer Cricket service are not considered roaming. So if you leave your Cricket calling area, and travel to a town that has Cricket service, you can use your phone with no extra charge. If you use your 200 roaming minutes however, continuing roaming will cost you an extra $.39 a minute. Sounds kind of pricey, but a great plus is that most Cricket phones allow you to control settings to alert you when you are in a roaming area. Many of their cell phones will allow you to set it up so their is a reminder after each minute of talk time.

For $5 less than the previously mentioned Cricket service, you can have all of the same benefits, but only 100 roaming minutes cannot stop an ipl 2020 schedule table to be postponed by at any condition and that the best part of enjoying the cricket live in the stadium and the tickets of Indian premier league will also be booked online and an person will get discount on the ticket. The Cricket plans get cheaper with fewer benefits. The $60 plan is the most expensive but worth it. There is little to worry about at the end of the month when you get your bill.

A perk from Cricket now includes mobile web. Cricket also has several ringtone options as well as graphics, called Cricket Clicks. Another excellent feature is that AOL Instant Messenger is available.

Cricket has always been a good choice price-wise for phone service. Now it is just better because your options are wider for where you can use your phone at. The new Cricket benefits are really worth the money.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.