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Common Spinal Cord Injury Questions Answered

Simply put Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) can be described as injury or damage to the patient’s spinal cord of a person resulting in the loss of functions like feeling and mobility. The common causes of spinal cord injury are traumatic incidents like a gunshot, automobile accidents, falls, etc. and diseases like spina bifida, polio, Friedreich’s Ataxia, etc. Below are some of the commonly asked spinal cord injury questions and their answers.

What are the usual effects of spinal cord injury?

The level and type of injury to the spinal cord determines the effects of SCI. Spinal cord injuries are divided into two types – incomplete and complete. In a person suffering from incomplete SCI the limbs function differentially and one side of the patient’s body may be more functional than the other side. On the other hand in the case of a complete injury, there is no sensation or function below the site of the injury and both sides of the patient’s body are equally affected.

Is spinal cord injury curable?

No. As of today, there is no known cure for spinal cord injury. Research is still on to find cures. However, now it is possible to reduce the effect of spinal cord injuries and prevent complete immobility. Steroids like methylprednisolone are being administered to reduce swelling of the patient’s spinal cord. Sygen is an experimental drug that is being given to reducing the loss of function.There is spine specialist in NJ that has experience with spinal cord injuries. If you are looking for a credible treatment option then you should definitely get in touch with them for a reliable treatment of your spine problem.

Do people with spinal cord injury ever improve?

Due to the swelling of the patient’s spinal cord at the site of the injury, many parts of the body are affected in the beginning. As the initial swelling subsides partial functioning of some of the affected parts may be restored. This may take from days to a few weeks depending on the extent of the injury. In the case of incomplete injuries, some functioning may be restored after months and even years. In very few cases complete functioning is restored.

Can people with spinal cord injury hold jobs?

There are many jobs that most need the application of the mind. There is no reason why people with spinal cord injuries cannot be employed productively. Americans with Disabilities Act envisages the inclusion of people suffering from spinal cord injuries in the mainstream of society. It has been found that in most cases the modifications necessary to accommodate people suffering from SCI in the workplace require an investment of less than $500.

Is it possible for people with spinal cord injuries to have sex and children?

This ability to have normal sex depends on whether sexual functioning is affected. Many people with SCI have undergone some therapies and are able to lead an active sex life. In those cases where fertility has been affected methods used to get around infertility problems can also be applied. Many women are able to regain their ability to become pregnant again after a few months following the spinal cord injury. A physician experienced in spinal cord injury treatment is the best person to advise about such matters.

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