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Choosing The Right Golf Clubs For Women And The Best Options To Buy

How a manufacturer designs and creates a club, critically impacts how far it is suited for use by a woman. Some of the best golf sets men women use today are chosen after careful selection of the club, based on its wood, wedge, swing speed and like factors. These are the factors which are most relevant for a manufacturer while tailoring a golf club set that is right for use by women.

In the case of women, slower swing speeds can adversely impact the performance on the field. This is where gold club designers begin with the wood structure to combat the issue. By increasing the loft, the height of throwing the ball can be adjusted. Steel shafted irons are now being replaced with graphite shafts, which are lightweight and help in the swift swing of the golf club, just what women need.

Listed below are a few golf club sets that stand apart from others for their superior performance.

The best golf club sets for women this season

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Aqua set

The elite performance of this set comes with the benefit of incredible distance. Improve your short game with the 56 degree sand wedge that comes with this set. Best for ergonomic storage with stylish and lightweight stand. One long iron is replaced by two hybrids that make it easier to swing the ball in the air and cover wider distances. The only con that we found with this set is that the driver included in the set has a loft with a 10.5 degree, whereas a 12 degree loft would be preferable.

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete golf set with 11 pieces

This set is best for beginners and comes with a high quality performance design. The set is accompanied by a high quality stand bag that is quite light weight and hence, easier to carry. The T style mallet putter is aligned to deliver solid contact while delivering high performance. This set is perfect for a beginner given the sand wedge and high loft clubs. However, this set might still remain smaller for some users as compared to others.

Precise NX460 Ladies Complete Golf club set

If you are on the lookout for something that is affordable, then this is the best bet that you can land with. The golf club set demands minimal perfection, which is why it is great for beginners. The set includes two wedges, one of which is a 56 degree sand wedge that improves short game performance. The mallet putter is another convenient inclusion in this set. However, there are a limited number of clubs in this set to start with and there is a relative shortage in the performance of the woods.

Few factors to look for, when choosing the right golf clubs for women

  • Quality of set: Evaluation of the construction of the clubs is essential when buying a complete set of clubs. Assessment of a club from its grip to the shaft and clubhead is vital. Know this that a lot of investment goes into development and research while creating the right golf club sets for women. So if it comes from a reputed brand, you can be sure about its performance.
  • Wood: The driver does not really come into play when you are learning to play the game. Only with the gradual increase in speed and expertise, you will eventually need to watch the driver.
  • Irons: The quality and the material used in making the shaft is essential to evaluate the flex rate of the club. A graphite shaft, being lightweight in nature, is better suited to a woman’s flex.
  • Wedges and putter: Ideally, a 56 degree wedge is best for navigation around the greens. At the same time, it depends upon the player to choose between a blade or a mallet putter.

  • Accessories: usually, it is best to purchase a complete set of club set, instead of going after individual accessories. Some of the best golf sets men women use today come in complete bag sets for ease and convenience of the player. You may choose between cart bags and stand bags.
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