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Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Basic Web Site Home Page

I started out as designing web sites before I even got out of high school. I eventually went to college and studied computers and have been working as a web designer on and off for over 12 years now. Things have definitely changed over the years and I have adjusted my knowledge as the times have changed. I would now like to share a little bit of my knowledge with you.

In order for you to create a basic no frills web site home page, you will need a web site designing program. You can, of course, use pure HTML, which is how I originally started out, but it is much harder to learn all of the different scripting codes. A web site designing program like Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver, will allow you to create a web site page very easily and with little knowledge on your part. They both have buttons to do just about anything you want them to, from inserting a button or image to more complex items such as inserting rollover buttons and images. I, personally, like Macromedia Dreamweaver. If you get the package, you also get Macromedia Fireworks with it which is a graphics program so if you wanted to create any graphics for your web pages, you could.

Creating a website is only the beginning of the game and there are numerous other procedures that have to be adhered to like original content, proper home page, excellent work space and other factors. When it comes to healthcare, most medical website designs look professional so it requires a creative mind to write original stories as this is for a noble cause of serving mankind by keeping them fit and healthy.

For Macromedia Dreamweaver, you’ll simply click on the File and then New button. Choose a basic page and click the Create button. For Microsoft FrontPage, when you open Microsoft FrontPage, it will automatically create a blank basic page for you to start with. Within each program, you will be able to format your wording and images just like you would in a word processing document like Microsoft Word. You can type whatever information you would like to see on your page and then apply formatting to it, whether it is centered, bolded, change color or made bigger. To insert an image onto your page, position your insertion point by clicking your left mouse button to wherever you want your image to go and choose Insert and the click Image. You will now be able to browse for the image. Click on the filename of the image you want to insert to select it and then click the Ok button.

Sometimes putting your information in a table format helps you line items up easier. You can insert a table by clicking the Insert menu again and click Table. From this window, you can choose how big you want it to be and if you want it to have a border. You can always change these later if you make a mistake or decide you want to do something else.

By combining all of the elements I have written about, you can make yourself a nice little basic home page.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.