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All About Owning a Chinchilla

If you are thinking of getting a Chinchilla as a pet, learn as much as you can about the care involved with your new Chinchilla.


How Do Condo Ownership Timeshares Work?

Timeshares are properties that have one owner and then many other investors/owners. The general owner is responsible for repairing damages and handling minor concerns as well as the upkeep of the property, such as moving the lawn. The individual owners receive a portion of time at the property each year for their payments.

How Do Condo Ownership Timeshares Work?


An individual who purchases a timeshare isn’t buying the property itself, but rather a share of the property. Owners are guaranteed a portion of time at the property every year based on their investments.


The typical duration of a timeshare is one week out of the year. The owner has the option of choosing the week he wants to spend there when he first purchases, though first choice goes to the first buyer.


There are usually 51 buyers in a timeshare property. The company that owns the property uses one week of the year in which to do maintenance and repairs. The other weeks of the year are used by the owners/investors.

How Do Condo Ownership Timeshares Work?


Timeshares come in all different shapes and sizes, including yachts, condos and houses.


There is no set geography associated with timeshares, though they’re more popular in the United States, particularly California, Colorado, Tennessee and Florida.


Timeshare owners/investors are responsible for the general upkeep of the property since others come in the following week. The original contract usually contains a clause mentioning this fact.

Valentine’s Data Crunching – Being Strategic In Love And Marketing

What can marketers learn from a data-crunching SEO-optimized online dater? A Lot.

Valentine’s MarketingWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. And on the web. Online dating has replaced cruising the bar for other singles, especially during the website dating ‘high season’ between Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. For those of us who’ve dabbled in Internet dating, the anxiety of choosing the right photos and words is an all too familiar feeling in the quest to attract “the one” (or just someone. Anyone.) But Amy Webb, CEO of Webb-Media Group, threw her human instincts by the wayside to master dating sites through a data-driven approach of mathematical equations, key words and an SEO-friendly profile. She logged her story in her new book, Data, A Love Story.

Webb joined JDate and was disappointed with her initial matches. On sites like JDate, the users themselves provide data. When ineffective data is entered into the site’s “matching” algorithm, ineffective matching is put out. Ergo – online dating is the pits, spitting back incompatible mates. Webb wasn’t satisfied with the system, and instead spent a month researching data points, crunching numbers and analyzing the competition, ultimately finding a formula for the most successfully matched user profiles on the web.

Here’s what she found:

The most successful women on the site had profile pictures that showed some skin, wrote short, positive bios and waited about a day to respond to messages from admirers.

“When you think about it, online dating is sort of the ultimate exercise in product marketing. Except that you are the product. So how can you leverage what you’ve got, how can you make sure you’re being seen by the most number of people?” Webb explains. “If you think of (it) as more of a catalog database … as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s no different from doing a search in a library or doing a search for shoes on Zappos.”

Valentine’s Marketing

As a frustrated online dater I can’t help but be a bit exasperated with her findings. Weren’t we taught that the right person would like us for who we are? But as a brand strategist, I should have figured this out sooner. We are in an age that requires us to brand ourselves all the time, so why should it be any different in dating?

Before I landed a great job, I spent hours tweaking my resume. From format and font to titles and time frames, it never seemed quite right. But when I joined OKCupid, I only dedicated about 15 minutes to filling out my profile. In my (obviously) romanticized version of online dating, it would be easy to charm my potential suitors with my best photos and sparkling wit. But Webb’s story brings up a valid point – when positioning yourself for love, forget about branding for your own satisfaction. Like you would with any great product, use your data, strategize, and brand for the consumer.

Google Unveils Its First Google Wallet Customer

I doubt very much Frank and Estelle will follow in their paranoid, self-absorbed, cheap-wedding-invitation-buying son’s footsteps but it looks like he is the perfect poster-child for the Google Wallet, don’t you agree?

I wonder if the Soup Nazi will accept payments via the Google Wallet? George may want to look into that but be that as it may the Google Wallet looks pretty damn cool, if I may be so technical.

Google Unveils Its First Google Wallet Customer

Seriously though, this is just another example of the massively exploding field of Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising and just Mobile in general. Way back in June, before anyone care about Chaz Bono and his dancing prowess, I told you of The Rapid Rise Of Mobile Advertising And mCommerce. “The number of advertisers using mobile advertising has doubled in just two years and accordingly mCommerce is growing right along with it. Marketers need to grow along with it.”

Then in July I gave you Another Reason Why Marketers Need To Be Mobile. “… money transfers and NFC (Near Field Communications) transactions will hit $670 billion by 2015 – nearly three times as much as will be seen this year, $240 billion.”

Google Unveils Its First Google Wallet CustomerGoogle Wallet is an app that will utilize NFC technology to make your phone your wallet… literally. It stores virtual versions of your existing plastic cards on your phone, along with your coupons, and eventually, loyalty and gift cards. Right now the app is will be only compatible with the Nexus S 4G by Google, available on Sprint®. But you know if this takes off, you can expect a wider range of options.

And as for what kinds of partnering companies Google and Google Wallet is working with, they include issuing banks, mobile operators and merchants, among others. Retailers take note because under Google Wallet’s “open commerce ecosystem,” Google Wallet will establish APIs to enable transfer of offers, loyalty programs, receipts, and more at the point of sale.

Now Google Wallet has its supporters, including The Atlantic Wire who recently posted an article Why Mobile Payments Are More Than a Credit Card on Your Phone. In their article they tell of the potential advantages of Google Wallet, citing it’s faster, makes one more fiscally responsible and is actually educational because “mobile payment apps can educate you as you shop.”

And Google Wallet has its detractors as well… Why Google Wallet is an Epic Fail Waiting to Happen. In her article for nfcdata.com, the author says Google Wallet will be the next Google Wave, AKA a massive failure.

Google Unveils Its First Google Wallet Customer

As for me… it’s too early. It’s way too early. I know there will be a group of people who, for a myriad of reasons, the least of which being security, will be reticent to use their mobile phone as a credit card. I can surely appreciate the concern over security.

I also know it will be interesting to see how this all plays out and how, if Google Wallet is successful, who will be the next to jump on the proverbial bandwagon.

Oh yeah, I also know one other thing… and that is that even though George Costanza (Jason Alexander) is not technically in the Google Wallet commercial – meaning they used existing footage rather than shoot a whole new spot, it is markedly better than another Seinfeld cast member commercial done involving a major company…

Palm Island Information

There are several palm islands in the world, but only one sits just off the coast of Cape Haze, Florida. A hundred feet separate the Florida mainland from Palm Island. Yet, Palm Island remains mostly undisturbed by high-rise buildings and major roads.

Palm Island Information


The Palm Island ferry is the main form of transport to Palm Island, despite the short distance to the mainland.


The beach is clean and pristine with an abundance of intact seashells and sea birds. Wildlife enthusiasts may see sea turtles, terns, herons, gulls and pelicans. Occasionally, a dolphin or manatee comes close enough to view.

Island Transportation

The ferry transports cars to the island. However, the most visitors use a bike or golf cart.

Palm Island Information


The main resort, Palm Island Resort (see Resources), features one, two or three bedroom villas with views of the bay or Gulf. Privately owned residences are available for rent on Palm Island Resort property as well as outside the resort.


There is only one restaurant on the island and it’s located within Palm Island Resort. The restaurant, Rum Bay Bar, serves wines, mixed drinks and good food like baby back ribs overlooking the beach.

What 2012 Holds For The Digital Marketing Industry – A Sneak Preview

Our CEO Linda Rosanio takes on the role of soothsayer once again this year for the Philly Ad Club. Her annual “Outlook” article for the Ad Club News predicts the trends that will chart the course of the digital marketing industry for the year ahead.

The reason she keeps getting asked to share her prognostications is for the simple reason she is more often than not right on the money with her predictions.

digital marketing industry

And while you’re going to have wait just a little while longer to see the full array of her fearless forecasts for 2012 – they’ll appear in both the print and online versions of the January edition of the Philly Ad Club magazine, we figured we’d share a little sneak preview with you.

Prediction: The Web is Dying a Slow Death

But the Internet is going strong. Today’s marketers need to lead the charge in new technology, engagement strategies and optimization of campaigns based on data. It’s “Synegrated.” That’s how we describe it. In any typical day, we are engaging without the web. Apps, apps and more apps—Facebook, Twitter Skype, IM, Pandora and streaming Netflix videos. Consumers aren’t rejecting the web—they are choosing to use dedicated platforms because they just work better.

digital marketing industry

Prediction: The iPad will be the Most Important Device since the IBM PC

Why? First it makes the computer experience transparent to the user. When we use the iPad, we don’t feel like we are using a computer. Second, the iPad will firmly plant us in the ear of touch computing. For decades, computer scientists have known that touch is a far more natural way to interact with computers. And finally, most of the time we are on computers, we’re consuming information, not creating it. The iPad is optimized for consumption, accommodating 70 percent of what we actually do on computer—from the comfort zones of our couches, our beach loungers, wherever!

digital marketing industry

Prediction: Television as We Know It is Over

There will still be a screen in our living rooms, bedrooms and throughout our homes. But we will be able to track usage since the device will also be a computer or have Internet connection. With almost 70% of video consumed on-Internet connected devices, revenue models for television advertising will change. Once televisions are computers, analytics of who watches will get more accurate than Nielsen panels. With actual measurement, ad rates will adjust because the numbers aren’t as rosy as Nielsen makes them look. Newspapers felt it first and television will experience a similar shift in revenue models.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning TipsI love Spring.

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The flowers and trees are waking up.The air is fresh and smells wonderful.

Spring is a rejuvenation of everything around me.

I can’t wait for Spring so I can open up my windows and let the fresh air come in.

Spring makes everything better even the house cleaning. House cleaning is not my favorite activity. It is a chore, but Spring cleaning is something I love to do.

Spring cleaning is a rejuvenation for my home. It makes my house smell fresh and new. It puts end to “cabin fever” and it gives me new energy to go out there and enjoy life.

Every year towards the end of March (depends on the weather) I schedule our annual Spring Cleaning.

There are few tips I picked up over the years and would like to share with you to make your Spring cleaning faster:

Spring Cleaning Tips

#1 Make a list of jobs that you want to accomplish and beside each job put a name of the person responsible for doing it. Also put a time limit on each job. This works really well for children so they don’t lose track of time.

#2 Organize your supplies. Each member of your spring cleaning team should have a bucket with all of the supplies and tools needed for their job. This will save time for looking around and searching.

#3 Put a long extension cord on your vacuum so you can go around the house without re-plugging every few minutes.

#4 Vacuum all windows, ceilings, ceiling fans, mirrors instead of cleaning them with water. It will save you lots of time. After they are all vacuumed just walk around and give them a quick wipe.

#5 Vacuum your drapes, blinds and upholstery. Just open up your windows, spray drapes and upholstery with antibacterial Febreze and vacuum. This will remove accumulated allergens quickly without the need of washing them.

There are few things that you can make part of your yearly spring cleaning and keep your house safe at the same time:

Spring Cleaning Tips

#1 Check your basement and attic for mold. If you discover any signs of mold and the area is not very big just wipe it away with solution of 1 cup of bleach in one gallon of water.

#2 Organize your medicine cabinet. You should organize your medicine cabinet at least once a year to make sure that all of your medications are safe to use.Discard all of your expired medications and supplies.

#3 Replace batteries on all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they are all in perfect working condition.

#4 Flip and Vacuum Your Mattress. Spring cleaning can be a time to clean and inspect your mattresses. Make sure that they are clean and in no need of replacement or repairs.

#5 Organize your garage. Chances are your garage is full of items being thrown in there over the last 12 months.Spring cleaning is a good time to get ready for garage sale, throw away all broken and damaged items or donate items you no longer use to your local charity.

Celebrities Are Killing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Because of their massive audiences and follower fan-bases, celebrities on social media, Twitter in particular, have become a prime target for brands and even individuals looking for help in spreading messages. But is the effort that brand marketing managers put into this backfiring?

You could be killing your own Twitter marketing campaign by focusing on celebrities at this very moment. It may seem counter-intuitive that someone spreading your message, who essentially holds a megaphone on social media, could be a waste of time. What it all comes back to is developing and being prepared with the right messaging and content in order to promote trust.

Celebrities Are Killing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

This recent article about what makes a tweet popular, discusses the research of UCLA and Hewlett-Packard’s HP Labs in formulating an algorithm that forecasts a tweet’s “shareability”, and one of the most interesting takeaways was that established organizations trump even outspoken celebrities. In the end, “shareability is largely a function of reliability,” and a trusted resource outweighs a loud one.

Celebrities Are Killing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

This is not to say that reaching out to celebrities to help a social media campaign is a poor tactic in general. We have run campaigns that involve celebrity outreach, but have always kept in mind a deeper communications plan with supporting content. You can’t rely on people to be interested in your message or product just because a celebrity retweets it. This is especially true if EVERY message you are putting out is a pining request to a celeb, and doubly so if there’s not a match with the celeb’s own interests. Don’t create a “where’s the beef?” situation that doesn’t satisfy.

At a panel discussion on Celebrities and Causes back in March at SXSW, Noopur Agarwal, Senior Director of Public Affairs at MTV, mentioned how Lady Gaga’s influence on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was due not only to her millions of followers, but because “she was also credible, authentic and very coherent and congruent that this is an issue that she singularly supports.” Her own cultivation of limiting support to causes she believes in increases the trust factor for those millions of fans.

Celebrities Are Killing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Like any other aspect of marketing, social engagement with celebrities requires planning, strategy, and solid communications. Four things to keep in mind if this is a tactic you plan to pursue:

Before you begin outreach, build a base of trust for your brand through consistency and useful information.
Be smart about which celebrities you reach out to for a campaign, make sure there is a match for both parties.
Have support material ready for anyone that clicks for more information; don’t lead people to a dead end for attention’s sake.
Take the long view…work to establish an ongoing relationship with the celebrity, instead of employing a one-time hit-and-run tactic

Celebrities Are Killing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

This last point is something else to take to heart. Beyond the social message request, are you prepared to establish an ongoing relationship with any of the celebs you are reaching out to? Social charity Wish Upon A Hero (with whom our agency does work) has fostered a kinship with Leann Rimes in an unofficial, yet ongoing, capacity because she personally feels a connection with their mission.

So are celebrities going to be the death of you on Twitter? Most likely not. As long as you’re not begging, shouting or pleading…and have a credible reason to be reaching out to them. If it makes sense for the right cause, or because a product appeals to a celeb’s actual interests or personal life, then tweet away. However, be prepared to substantiate the request. In the end, if you have the right message and reason to connect, they will be part of – and help build – your fanbase.

Successful Home Selling Tips

Trying to sell your home is not an easy task under normal circumstances.

Trying to sell your home in this economy and in this real estate market is more difficult for many people.

Successful Home Selling TipsLots of people these days are finding themselves in the need to sell their home due to financial difficulties or trying to prevent financial difficulties by selling their home and downsize.

Whatever is the reason for you to sell your home the task won’t be easy unless your asking price is way below the value of your home.

Of course you want to get the best price for your home. You also know that right now is a buyers market and your home needs to stand out from the hundreds of homes listed in your neighborhood and surrounding areas.

There are some tips and secrets you can follow to SELL your HOME faster and for higher price.

Some of these tips to sell your home will require little bit of money, but most of these home selling tips will require time and good old fashioned elbow grease.

First thing the potential buyers see is the outside of your home. This first impression of their potential investment is very crucial.

For selling your home curb appeal is very import so follow these few tips to get a better change to receive an offer.

#1 Mow your lawn. Trim your trees and bushes to give the buyers clean and clear look at your house. Weed your flower beds.

#2 Clean-up your porches. Keep it simple and cheery. Put away all unnecessary clutter. Few pots with flowers and maybe a bench will do the trick. Hide your statues, gnomes and other knick knacks.

#3 Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door and polish or replace the hardware.

#4 Make sure all of your porch lights are working in case of night showing.

Successful Home Selling Tips

There is lots of little changes you can do on the inside as well to increase chances of selling your home faster and for higher price.

#1 Repaint the walls if needed. If your walls are white or bold colors it might be good idea and beneficial to paint them in neutral colors.

#2 Spruce up your kitchen with little bit of money. Just changing outdated hardware on your kitchen cabinets will help. Take it few steps further by replacing the kitchen faucet and painting the kitchen cabinets.

#3 Downsize. Pack away at least 25% of your furniture and decorations. Your home will instantly feel bigger and roomier. Keep the counters clear from clutter.

#4 Fix all the little things that don’t require much time, but are giving the wrong message to the buyers. Replace burned out or missing light bulbs or switch plates. Put up missing base boards. Fix or replace broken blinds.

#5 Spruce up your bathrooms by replacing your old shower curtain and bath mat. Place some fresh flowers and candles around the room.

Successful Home Selling Tips

#6 De-personalize your home. Put away your personal photos and mementos. Buyers like to see themselves in your home.

#7 Make sure there is no signs of animals living in the house. Put away all their dishes, toys, food and get the animals out of the house.

#8 Right before showing make the house smell inviting by putting a drop of Vanilla extract on a light bulb and turning the light on.

Does Your Company Need Reputation Insurance?

In today’s hyperactive, always-on-the-go digital-crazed world we live in… where one misplaced Tweet can undo a lifetime of brand equity, having a crisis management plan in place is imperative. But does it make sense to pay an added expense for proper reputation management?

Chartis, a division of AIG, recently launched a new insurance product that would cover the cost of crisis communications counsel for companies facing a public relations debacle. No stranger to bad press, it seems AIG now understands the importance of outside help during a crisis. AIG claims the policy would cover services rendered even before a crisis has hit the press. It requires policy holders to use one of two mega firms and surely charges mega premiums to match. While I’m doubtful reputation insurance is a worthwhile investment, planning ahead for a crisis that hasn’t happened yet and selecting the outside company or consultant you would work with in the event one did is a terrific idea.

Once a crisis hits, it is critical to respond immediately. If the window for responding to a crisis used to be hours, given today’s social media and 24-hour news environment, it now has to be minutes. And of course it’s even more critical to hit the right tone and take the proper steps out of the gate. Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and just five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Ask any business executive if they think they need a crisis communications plan and the answer will probably be no, but a 2011 Crisis Preparedness survey conducted by Burs-ton and Mars-teller reveals that more than half of businesses decision makers have already experienced a company crisis. What does that tell you? Who would have thought that a fully vetted ad campaign by an innocuous company like Chapstick could lead to a public relations crisis, but that’s just what happened last October.

A common excuse for not being more proactive is “How can I prepare for something I can’t predict?” While it’s true you can’t anticipate every eventuality, there are some steps you can take to be as prepared as possible. These include:

Monitoring – It is critical to monitor the internet and social media sites to be the first to know of complaints, scandals, attacks or outright lies that could impact your company. Google Alerts and sites like social-mention are a start, but more sophisticated monitoring tools may be worth the investment and should at least be researched and considered in case of a crisis.

And be sure to read my co-worker Mike Midure’s post on brand monitoring and also his post on crisis management. They’re part of a terrific series of posts Mike put together on social media marketing analytics.

Scenario Planning – Not only does planning for how your company would react given a specific and plausible scenario help your preparedness for a crisis, it can also help you identify risks you haven’t considered.

Identify Your Team – Decide who will be on your crisis communications team and who your spokesperson will be. It is critical to choose the right spokesperson and make sure that person has media training with a professional.

Checklist – Create a checklist of your important audiences and how you will communicate with them. Be sure that your staff is at the top of that list since they can be your best ambassadors. If you don’t already have a service for disseminating mass e-mails, research them and identify the one you will use if necessary.

Find An Expert – Unless you have a seasoned crisis communications expert in-house, you should research and identify the consultant or agency you will work with in case of a crisis. Ideally, you should work with them on some of these advance planning initiatives so they are not coming into your company cold.

Unfortunately, chances are pretty good your business will experience a crisis. Consider the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower: “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

List of Hotels in Palawan, Philippines

List of Hotels in Palawan, PhilippinesPalawan is a nature lovers’ paradise. Biodiversity on this island in the Philippines is dense, with over 230 species of animals. Palawan has also been designated a biosphere reserve. Jacques Cousteau, the French underwater expert, dived for years here and considered the area as rich as any he encountered. In 2009, Palawan is a top tourist destination and hosts excellent facilities for tourists of all types. Visitors will find a wide variety of suitable lodging options regardless of budgetary constraints.

Lagen Island Resort

Located in northwestern Palawan, the Lagen Island resort is one of the more posh offerings on the island. The resort sits in a secluded cove surrounded by dense tropical forest and is walled in by massive limestone formations. The beach here is typical of the entire island, and it is astoundingly beautiful. Visitors will find it a natural draw, and many of the resort activities, of course, start here. In addition, the resort’s guest activities coordinator will assist with locating the nearest comfortable hammock to renting kayaks for exploring the bay. Snorkeling is excellent here, as is bird watching while hiking on the Lagen trail. There are 51 rooms for rent in four different categories: stilt cottages that hover over the water on both sides of the cove, beachfront cottages, forest rooms and forest suites. Rooms are furnished with much antique character and are very clean. Meals are largely served outdoors in the starlight in front of the bay.

Lagen Island Resort
Ten Knots Development Corporation
18th Floor 8747
Paseo de Roxas Street, Salcedo Village,
1226 Makati City, Philippines
011 (+6348) 894-5644

List of Hotels in Palawan, PhilippinesDos Palmas Island Resort

The Dos Palmas Island Resort is located in the central eastern portion of Palawan Island and northwest of the capital, Porto Princesa. Sitting on a private island, Dos Palmas caters to those who need a little pampering by offering an excellent spa and restful surroundings. Guests have the choice of staying in the gardens or above the ocean in cottages perched on stilts. Other features include a large number of recreational activities, such as billiards, darts, beach volleyball, bicycling, fish feeding, videoke and, of course, the excellent scuba sites found all around the island. The resort also offers a large restaurant that provides buffet-style meals and a comfortable lounge area and, on weekends, dinner on the sand under the stars.

Dos Palmas Island Resort
89 Lacao St., Puerto Princesa City
Palawan 5300, Philippines
011 (+6348) 434-3118

List of Hotels in Palawan, PhilippinesD’ Lucky Garden Inn

For something a little closer to town and more affordable, the D’ Lucky Garden Inn is a good choice. Located in Puerto Princesa City, the inn is a guesthouse in a traditional setting. Rooms are kept clean and are simply furnished without being shabby. Though offering few of the amenities of the major island resorts mentioned above, D’ Lucky Garden Inn makes up for this with its courteous, efficient staff. The staff will also gladly help travelers book any tours that they might be interested in, as well as offer suggestions for nice restaurants in the area.

D’ Lucky Garden Inn
Rizal Ave. and Bancao Bancao
Puerto Princesa City
Palawan 5300, Philippines
011 (+6348) 433-6576



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