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See here our style mantra: Fashion and beauty are for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule or how small your budget may be.


Gucci Design Handbags – See This Website And Explore Its Variety

Would you like to flaunt your style like a celebrity or a pop star? If yes, then explore a wide range of Gucci design handbags from the online store and become a style icon. This brand offers an exclusive range of handbags which are truly attractive and fashionable. To explore more variety of these handbags, see this website. When you will carry this bag in your hand, you will surely get noticed by the people.

With Gucci design handbags, you can make a remarkable statement with your good taste of choice. It is an excellent brand which shows your elegance and personality. Therefore, in today’s age, when most of women are fashion conscious, it is an obvious fact that women must have two or more such branded handbags in their wardrobes.

These bags are considered as fashion symbols. If you have a designer handbag from this brand, it means, you are a style conscious women. These luxury handbags are worth of the money and therefore, it is perfect for all types of Women. There are no age bar restrictions for carrying these bags. Any age of women can buy it and flaunt their own personality and style.

Whether you are a political leader and a high-paying model, anybody can have these stylish designer handbags from the brand Gucci. These bags are now available in many online stores. But you need to keep one thing in mind that not all of them are trustworthy sites and therefore, you need make a purchase from a reputed online shopping site only. The main reason behind this is that Gucci replica handbags are also available which may befool you. So, you need to make the selection of the shopping site very carefully.

To explore the greatest range of designer handbags from Gucci, see this website. Here you can find a wide variety of these bags and that too at affordable price rates. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now and make your own style statement. These bags are available in various price ranges. You can buy them as per your choice and requirement. In today’s age, when handbags are not considered an accessory anymore, rather they are an indicator of wealth and status.

Gucci is the brand where you can avail handbags that belong to different styles and different price ranges as well. They come in fresh and modern design every other day and this is the reason you won’t find them look outdated. You can carry them to any place. Whether it is a corporate meeting or social get together, Gucci handbags have their own style statement and this is something which sets them apart from other handbag brands.

Now to talk about their quality, it is truly unmatchable. You can pass off your hand nags to your daughter and grand-daughter as well and it will still look the same. So, you can consider this as a serious investment. The best thing about this handbag is that they never go out of fashion. Their fabric design and style changes from time to time keeping the trend on.

Fortnite Play- A Gaming Feast Of Entertainment

When it comes to the topic of entertainment, there are only two things that come to mind- movies and the national sport of the country as these two are the lifelines for people who want to have a form of entertainment in their lives.

The current times are not ripe to discuss about something joyous as entertainment but still, there is nothing better that you can do when you are confined to your home since the past two weeks.

There are many forms of entertainment for many people depending on how they see it, which is based on their preference of things like the two forms mentioned above but today our main focus is on video games.

Put Your Best Hand Forward

There are certain games that simply refuse to grow old and have many childhood memories attached to the people who have had the fortune of living through it but the most recent one is Fortnite.

It came out in 2017 and quickly captivated the youngsters with its innovative plot and gaming technique that was unlike anything that had come out until that point and involved a large number of players whose main goal was to maintain the points they had won.

For beginners, it may seem quite difficult to manage at first but soon you get used to it by regularly practicing it through the joystick, it won’t be long before you are an expert to compete provided you put your best hand forward that is good at maneuvering the keys.

Fortnite can be played on smartphones, PCs, Ps4 and Xbox 360 but to be qualified to play it, you have to go through the entire game from start to finish where you need to spend a few days to practice, following which you are officially ready to compete.

It would be odd to read the above point as though you are really going to compete with enemies in the battlefield but Fortnite as a game is so thrilling that it gives that adventurous feeling that you really are playing it in real and not on screen.

Double XP Whammy

Fortnite was launched by Epic Games with the hopes that it would shatter all sales records set by other video games in the past and emerge as a cultural phenomenon and its makers were quite happy with the success it got and as of 2020, it is still going at a steady pace but it is too early to make any prediction but the current trends do indicate the same.

The double XP weekend that is coming up is an interesting juggernaut and you can do it through the following:

  • Plat Fortnite almost every few hours to relieve you of the current lockdown and the better your performance, the more will be the XP reward
  • Always go for the fortnite today item shop and complete the battle challenges with the help of Battle Stars
  • Do bring in a friend who is good at the game as a joint teamwork can help you deliver an excellent performance
  • Try for the battle pass tier after completing weekly challenge as that is the final showdown

Puppy Love- Take Care Of Your Mutt During Summer

There are many animal lovers in this world that are exceptionally fond of their pets and keep treat them almost like family members by showering love and affection in large quantities and pampering and spoiling them with gifts and treats.

Are you also one of them? If yes, then this article is something that you need to go through right up to the last word as it is about taking care of your beloved pup with the utmost care that can be given to it but for understanding purposes, we will take the dog as male and refer to it as ‘him in place of ‘it’.

Brief Description

Dogs are many people to many things but are the most reliable and trustworthy pets that you can ever find on the face of this earth, which is why you will find majority of the households having dogs as pets but that is not all.

There is an underlying fact that some house owners buy pets to use them as servants and it is true to a certain extent because some people cannot afford servants in their house so it is merely a consolation factor for them that they have dogs as an alternative.

It is not for nothing that dogs are called man’s best friend and surpass all other animals in this game as they are ferociously loyal to their masters and quite diligent in their services.

They do everything to please their masters to the best of their ability without expecting anything in return and the owners repay their services by treating them as their own children and this practice continues to this day.

Breed Type

Dogs are of varied color and breeds but almost all of them are vulnerable to ailments that occur due to change in climate and therefore, they are the first ones to be affected, which is quite astonishing to hear as they are known for their stoic nature and stronger immune system in comparison to humans.

There are breeds like Labrador, German shepherd, Pomeranian, pug, Pekinese, Chihuahua, etc. which can be classified as the most well known everywhere but their preference depends upon their usefulness among various people and are not necessarily taken in as pets.

The first two mentioned above are the smartest of the lot while others are quite in a league of their own with their own contributions in the lies of owners but what is important is that they all are beyond comparison.

Another popular theory about dogs is that their bark is worse than their bite, which is why you will find people that are corrupt by nature hesitant to breed dogs as they are quite honest by nature without being disloyal but if one’s moral corruption crosses limits, be ready to learn a lesson.

Summer Pups

The summer has arrived and how where the world is grappling with the corona virus pandemic so everyone is confined to their homes but that does not stop the merciless weather to cast their hot spell as April is about to end and May is right in front of us.

As mentioned above, this is the time that dogs are most vulnerable to ailments and it becomes the duty of the owners to look after them with utmost care. Therefore, we are going to discuss about some important points to do the same for your pup.


The important points are as follows:

  • Desert heat means special care for your dog so take care not to over exert the poor pup. Be sure to take him for a walk twice a day: early in the morning and after sunset to give him fresh air and make him healthy.
  • Whenever you take him outside, always take a flask of water along with you to keep his system hydrated where even alternatives like buttermilk will do an excellent job
  • During summers, dogs start panting due to the heat and the signs to indicate it are excessive drooling, wheezing, faster heart rate, breathlessness and profuse sweating. When this happens, take him to the nearest veterinary specialist as quickly as possible
  • It is better to carry a wet cloth or small towel to help him cool down after a nice walk to keep his body temperature normal

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Security Light

When looking for outdoor lighting fixtures for your home, you will want to find something that is going to be both beautiful and earth-friendly. There are a variety of types and styles of outdoor security lighting to choose from at the place that I have chosen in the past, which is from Eco Lighting Universe. On there is a large variety of styles to choose from when selecting the type of design that you want for your outdoor lighting. Prices range from $144 for a light fixture to $743. Some of the designs have reflectors to light downward, which helps to eliminate light pollution. One particular type (L-1820-100W) has a 100-watt security light and a 15″ security aluminum shade. It also has a dusk-to-dawn photocell and has a octagon-shaped housing with decorative cooling fans.

Another fixture would be the L-1741, which is a 150-watt security light that comes in a set of two. This item is energy efficient just as the other light, and has a 12″ acrylic reflector. It has the dust to dawn photocell and comes with its own heavy duty three-point mounting arm.

If you are looking for security flood lights you have a few options to choose from as well. The most cost-efficient type that they have is the L-58, which is a set of 12 150-watt mini halogen flood lights. These mini lights do not come with the mounting fixtures, but do include the halogen bulbs. This item has a die cast metal design for maximum light control, and a pebbled glass lens. There is another type that is an all metal fixture, which is the L-105. This particular light also comes in a set of 12, but instead of bulbs it uses florescent lighting which is included. This fixture comes with its own mounting arm and ½ IPS thread and has a non light-polluting hinged face frame, as well as a decorative pebbled glass lens.

If you are a DIY type of person, then you will want to know the best way to install these types of lights. One really good thing to know first before buying the lights is how much water will be exposed to these lights. So, make sure to know exactly where you plan to install them, and estimate how much water is exposed to that area during the rainy seasons. Not every light is suitable for a lot of rain, so when you do purchase them, you must check to see if they are for “wet” areas (can be exposed to heavy amounts of water) or “damp” areas (not directly exposed to water, but can handle some moisture or condensation).

You may also want to choose whether or not you want motion-sensing lighting, While not all types of lights offer this as an option, those that do are very beneficial to very dark areas where danger could be a factor. When movement is detected, the bright, illuminating light will shine and stay on for minutes after the motion has stopped.

Other things to consider would be the type of light you install based on the local weather as well as the ease or difficulty of its installation. Surely you do not want the job to be so simple to install that it is just as easy for a burglar to uninstall.

Having outdoor security lighting is a very important thing to have for the safety of your home and the people who live in it. Choose wisely in the styles and types that you need to have and then have fun with it. You will be pleased with the end results.

Apart from the lighting, you can also try out some of the best battery powered security camera so that there are little chances of thievery in the area and burglars will think twice before trying their hand out at stealing from your house atleast for fear of getting caught.

Twitter, Changing The Face Of Social Networking

Can something change the world of social networking? We all know Facebook can be updated via a Blackberry or other similar mobile device. However, Twitter does not require this. All you need to update it is any SMS enabled device. All you do is simply send an SMS text message to 40404 to update your status. You can still update from online of course. For me this is a huge leap since I do not have a smart phone capable of Internet browsing.

Twitter is not necessarily the best of the social networking sites. However, there are certain advantages to how easy it is to update your status and it might be a wise thing for sites like Myspace and Facebook to follow. According to you can use your Twitter account to update your Facebook status using a Facebook app. Well now it is easy as 123 to update your Facebook status. However, if Facebook were to use this same method it could make Twitter become extinct. The beauty of it for now is, however, Twitter remains fairly small so most only have a small group of people they follow and so the texts do not get annoying quite as fast. If someone were to follow say more than twenty people the number of text messages would then become quite annoying, especially, if they were trying to text several people at the same time.

The ability to receive friends status updates through Twitter is great. You can see what your friends are doing. The only limitation being anyone can see what you or your friends are doing, This could be considered a flaw to some but a beauty to others. Plus Twitter does not send you any of those annoying e-mails. They just send you the text messages from the people you want to get their status. So if you used Instant and cheap Instagram likes from BuzzVoice and you got a lot of followers on IG and so on your twitter, you might be flooded with a lot of notifications. But this is a good side for those who are really looking for more followers.

Also, according to twitter has changed the way professional poker is played. They said Doyle Brunson sent a tweet that said “Still in 10k split. Didn’t sleep much but feel OK….”, this could have either been the truth or was he bluffing. Any of the other people in the tournament could have saw that and made either assumption. Professional poker players however are not the only celebrities with Twitter. Many other movie stars, musicians, etc. have a Twitter account and can be followed. This can allow you to get your favorite celebrity’s updates the minute they send them in.

Just because Twitter is so simple, almost to the point of being too simple, does not mean it could not change the face of social networking sites forever. With its revolutionary text messaging update system who knows what other sites may soon follow in their footsteps or what popularity it will gain.

How To Get 1K Followers On Tik Tok?

It’s easy to become an online celebrity with thousands of followers. But to become one, you’ll have to make creative videos to stand apart from the crowd. Innumerable ways are available to get a diverse fan following on TikTok. Even though you can buy real TikTok followers, you’ll have to make captivating videos, to catch people’s eyes. In, this article we’ll share our secret tips that’ll enhance your following base on TikTok.

  1. Observe videos to get inspiration- A lot of imaginative & creative, videos get viral on TikTok. You’ll find very polished videos to the videos made with the lowest efforts doing well on TikTok. As you’ll have to impress a broad audience, you’ll have to film something lunatic with an unexpected twist, making the clip catchy. Few people can portray beautiful things, while others specialize in life hacks. The more time you’ll invest in Tiktok, the more you’ll get to know about trends and will get inspiration from videos. No one’s perfect, hence getting inspiration from other’s videos will surely make your clips perfect and appealing.
  2. Keep posting videos- The key to get famous on TikTok- a bulk of videos. It’s quite hard to predict which specific videos will do well, so keep posting a lot of it. Unleash the quirky side of your personality and share with people, the unfiltered part of your life. Bring out creative ideas from your inner self and apply them in the clips. Although you’ll have to strive a lot and spend a lot of time creating videos, in the end, the results will be fruitful.
  3. Follow trends- Keep an eye on things that keep trending on Tiktok. From the discover function on the app, you can search trending formats, songs, dances that you can use to make clips in your own style. In Tiktok, it’s effortless to film videos by copying other’s ideas but adding your spin into it. By carrying out in this way, you” ll get a hold on a broader audience.
  4. Making an instant and long-lasting impression- TikTok is built for relaxed viewers, so you have to catch their attention immediately through your videos. A viewer maximum waits for 3 to 4 seconds before swiping your video to the next one. So, try constructing expressive videos that will hook your viewers immediately, and they are more likely to watch till the end. If your videos carry potential in it, TikTok will view your clips in front of more budding viewers.
  5. Follow news and current events to avail the benefits from it- Spend your time absorbing trends and recent developments as people like to follow videos related to current news. Use a lot of hashtags to get your video attention. Film sensible content with a catchy ending that ties to the viewers. Also, keep a close check on the latest memes as it will attract more viewers, and if you even buy real TikTok followers, you’ll get a hold of their attention.
  6. Use editing apps for your videos, to edit them outside TikTok- Video editing techniques are something which will assist you to stick out on TikTok. These techniques aren’t possible in the app, such as adding subtitles, merging videos imported from YouTube, with it, etc. But, many apps are available in android and ios for editing. Use them for improving vertical videos, making collages, memes, side by side videos, before and after videos and reaction videos— online, and then publish them on the app. Select an app, and use hashtags to see what people have made using that particular app.

Hence, If you want to get famous on Tiktok, you need to construct innovative clips that’ll go viral, bringing additional attention and fame to your account. You can also buy real TikTok followers by contacting various pages on Instagram. Few of them might be cheap, but they won’t be reliable for a long time. So, if you arent having a budget problem, go for premium pages with a lot of customers and go through their reviews to know whether the page is reliable or not.

In the end, Hopefully, this article proves to be useful to you. Keep patience and have faith in yourself, and you’ll undoubtedly get a large fan base.

How To Clean/Manage Your Pc For Free

Cleaning/Managing a PC that is stricken with viruses and spy ware can be a daunting (and expensive) task, unless you know what programs to use, and where to download them, and keeping them running smooth and quickly is an even bigger issue for most casual PC users. I’m here to show you some ways to save some cash, and keep your computer in tip-top shape!

  1. CCleaner

CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner) is one of the best free programs out there for simplistic and quick cleaning of files that are unused, pointing to a non-existing file anymore, web browsing history, and even simple registry cleaning that will not harm your computer. It’s a simple download, it only bothers you from time-to-time with an update, and using this program once a week will keep your computer running smoothly, and organized.

  1. SpyBot

SpyBot Search  amp; Destroy has been out for quite some time, and is one of the most respected spyware/ad-ware programs out there. It literally follows it’s name by searching  amp; destroying files that are potentially harmful to your PC. Like the previous program, it will only bother you from time-to-time with updates, and is otherwise a safe alternative to keeping your computer spyware free, without the cost.

  1. FCleaner

FCleaner is another alternative to CCleaner, if for some (rare and odd) reason CCleaner didn’t work on your computer, or you didn’t like it, this is the next step. FCleaner is a freeware program that can do almost exactly the same thing as CCleaner. You can optimizer registry, clean out cookies, browser history, and unused files, and you can even, easily, change the start up programs and use the built in uninstaller. It’s worth the download if you can’t use CCleaner.

  1. Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware is a freeware program just like SpyBot, where you can clean out the spyware  amp; ad-ware to keep your computer running at optimal speed. Using Ad-Aware in conjunction with SpyBot is my advice, as one or the other can pick up corrupt files that the other program has missed. There is also a pay verion of Ad-Aware, but that goes against the article, and isn’t really necessary, especially if you are using SpyBot, also.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus is a free anti-virus that you can download and use to keep any aggressive and destructive viruses and files off of your computer. AVG updates regularly, and will annoy you to keep it updated (which in the long run is a good thing, as that ONE update could be what saves your computer from harm.) It is also fairly easy to use, and easy on the operating system. This program will not bunch up your PC and slow it down like some of the more well known paid for programs.

  1. DeFraggler

DeFraggler is quick, and easy to use defragging alternative to the regular Windows built in defrag. The program, in my experience, tends to defrag MUCH more quickly, while also clearing up more space, and increasing the speed of your computer. Keep in mind that NO defragging tool will go quickly is a hard drive is intensley fragged. Using this program once a week can usually keep your computer going at top speed.

  1. FreeRAM XP Pro

FreeRAM XP Pro is a free program that can clear up used RAM in no time. Use this program to free up some RAM and make your web browsers load up more quickly, or your online gaming performing more smoothly. All you do is open the program up, click the “Go!” button, and you’re off!

  1. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a safe,quick, and (of course) free alternative to Internet Explorer. The web browser is simple to use and fast to download and install. Searching is easier on it, as google is conveniently placed at the top right corner of the browser for faster queries. Web Pages also tend to load faster on Firefox, along with less crashing and timeouts.

  1. Program Uninstallation

One of the last free steps to try is a simple uninstall of useless programs. These programs wear and tear on your computer, much like the weather conditions do to automobiles. Keeping your computer tidy by deleting all of those useless icons on your desktop, those unused games, programs, and space-wasters in the “Add/Remove Programs” area of Windows, will help to speed up your computer. This can also get rid of some sneaky types of spy ware that will install themselves on a PC without the users knowledge. Do remember, after running an uninstallation of files, to run one of the above registry cleaning tools, and defragmentation programs, to organize all of the Windows files in your computer.

And if it comes down to it, there is always…

  1. Clean Hard Drive Format.

In the end, if your computer is just cumbersome, with spy ware and viruses galore, then you can pull out the old Windows Installation Disk and format your computer. Now, I recommend a format only be done by those who are familiar with wiping a computers hard drive. So if you don’t understand, then get a friend to help. Whatever you do, don’t take it to a shop, because then it wouldn’t be FREE(Much like the article suggests!) It’s always best to have a backup of ANY important files that you want to keep, and if you use one of the e-mail programs, such as Outlook, it is always best to have a back up of those files also. A clean hard drive is a happy hard drive.

In the end, there are just some things that you cannot protect against. Viruses can cause you to lose files, pictures, videos, memories, contacts, and more. They call some viruses Trojans for a reason. Remember The Trojan Horse? Exactly. Greeks are hiding inside to destroy your proverbial “Computer of Troy”. So whenever possible keep CD’s or an external hard drive dedicated to the back up and safety of your personal files. Used in conjunction with one another, or just picking whichever suits you best, these programs can help to keep your computer in excellent condition without the headache, and the empty wallet, of taking it to a repair shop.

Cleaning of a PC is a hard boiled task which has to be done at regular intervals but internal cleaning is more important so as to keep viruses at bay which are a complete nuisance and for detailed analysis you can read it by clicking on this link

Brita pitcher water filters – Offering pure and clean water!

Water is one of the most important things for everyone to survive. It is necessary to drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day as, without it, you may get dehydrated and fall sick. Most of the portion of our body is made up of water, which reflects the great importance of water for us. Most of the people around the world drink water that comes through their tap, but it is not healthy as there are various contaminants and bacteria in the tap water which is not visible to the human eye. You must use a water filter to ensure that water is filtered and safe to drink.

Installing a water filtration system at your house sometimes becomes a costly and tiring task. So there is a much affordable substitute to it known as a water filter pitcher. There are various water filter pitchers in the market, but Brita is one of the most popular brands. It offers a premium quality water filter pitcher that filters the water as well as keep it cool too. Before you buy it, you must know some basic things about Brita filtration pitcher. There are various amazing benefits of using Brita water filter pitchers.

Some of the most amazing benefits of Brita water filter pitchers

Better taste and pleasant smell

There are various ingredients and chemical compounds present in the tap water, which makes the water smell bad and taste awful. The bad smell in water is produced by some compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, etc. If the water in your house tastes awful, then you need not worry as you can water filter pitchers to clean the water. There are various brands of water filter pitchers, but Brita is one of the most preferred brands as it is highly efficient in lowering the bad odor in your water and ensure that the water stored in them taste great. The quality of a water filter pitched can be evaluated on the basis of its capability to remove the odor and to improve the taste of water; that’s why Brita water filter pitcher is the best.

Highly affordable 

One of the biggest reasons why water filtration pitchers are preferred over regular water filters is their price. Installing a water filtration system in your house can cost you a lot of money, but water filter pitchers are available at much lower prices and can purify the water in an economical way. There is a wide variety of pitchers offered by the top brand Brita, and you can choose any one of them fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. Water filter pitchers are quite durable and efficient as if you buy a good quality filter pitcher, it can last even for your lifetime. The low cost and excellent efficiency are one of the biggest reasons why Brita water filter pitchers are preferred over water filtration systems.

Immensely efficient water filtration

The water coming out of your tap looks clean but contains a lot of harmful chemicals and contaminants. So, it becomes essential to treat it and purify it before consuming it. Brita water filter pitchers help you to clean the water deeply and make it safe for consumption. Some of the major contaminants that can be removed by using water filter pitcher are zinc, magnesium, chlorine, etc. These compounds affect your digestive system adversely and lower your health. Passing the water through a water filter pitcher makes it good for the digestive system and improves your overall health.

Great capacity 

One of the most consumed things in our daily lives is water, and it is not possible to filter it every time you drink it as it will consume a lot of time and effort. So, it is necessary to have a filter that can filter a lot of water at once and can also store it at the same time. Brita water filter pitcher allows you to purify water, just by pouring it in the pitcher and also offers you a facility to store it there. One of the best benefits offered by Brita filter pitcher is that it provides great capacity and allows you to store a maximum amount of purified water at once.

Highly portable 

Water systems are usually installed at a fixed place, and you have to go to them to get filtered water, but Brita water filter pitchers have resolves this issue as they offer great portability. It means you can carry water filter pitchers anywhere you want to without facing any issue. Usually, it becomes difficult to get pure and clean water to drink while you are traveling, but a water filter pitcher removes this problem provides you the best quality of water to consume.

To conclude, Water filter pitchers are of great used especially nowadays when water is full of impurities and contaminants. Brita is undoubtedly the most trusted brand when it comes to water filter pitchers.

How to Create a Prospective Script – MLM

Welcome to the best San Diego SEO Company!The company will provide the services as per the requirements and needs of the business firms. All the charges will be reasonable for the person. 

Early on in MLM business I learned the importance of using a prospecting script. My first experience in MLM business was marketing a health and wellness product to people looking for natural solutions to ill health. My business mentor told me that sooner or later I was going to get confident and cocky, and not use the prospecting script he had given me when I would call to set appointments.

About 3 months later, I was having astounding success. On the phone I began to wing-it, and do it my way. For the next 2 months my MLM business sales went down, down, down. My business mentor got me back on the prospecting script, and my MLM business sales went skyrocketing back up again.

The bottom line is I needed a prospecting script, and even if you don’t think you do, 95% or more of people need some sort of script to follow or guidance in writing when speaking to prospects. Don’t let your pride keep you from success.

How To Create A Prospecting Script

There are five components to every marketing transaction. These 5 components have to be covered in every prospecting script because by covering these 5 things you can create the impulse to buy and justify the decision enough that the prospect will want to take action. Here’s how it should look;

Introduction – introduce yourself to your prospect. People are very impatient and want to know why they should listen to you and they want to know NOW. You also need to empathize with your prospect. They have to know you were looking for the same solution as them.        Offer – offer them something. Your prospect will want to know some background on how, where and why the product came to be, specifically what is it for and what does it do. But do not tell the price here. Value – your offer has to have value to the prospect. This is the part that allows you to justify your price. But it is important to justify it first, before you state the price. This is so your prospect can imagine the value of the product in their own mind.        Benefit – there has to be a benefit to the prospect. This is where you help them to logically justify their purchase. You can use guarantees, personal assistance offers or ease of use or consumption. It is also important here to remind them of what it will feel like when they have found the solution they were looking for. Close – this is where you get your prospect to take action. Most people think this is where the customer pays for the item. Not true. In a people business the close is simply getting the person to take action, to take the next step, which in MLM business is going to a presentation call, appointment or meeting.

If you would like a template of a prospecting script that you can use for your MLM business written by a leading script writer then click on the link below and follow the instructions to obtain a Free Report.

Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets With Paint: Cheap &Amp; Easy Diy Option

With the costs to replace kitchen cabinets ranging from five to fifty thousand dollars, many homeowners fear they will be stuck with their outdated cabinets forever. Fear not. There is something you can do, and it will most likely cost less than $200 and can be finished in one weekend. What is this miracle solution? It’s called paint. One of the easiest and cost friendly ways to update your old kitchen cabinets is to simply paint them.

When I moved into my current home, I knew I wouldn’t last one week with the cabinets in the state they were in. They were yellow and green, and even though I am a Packer fan, they were totally unlivable. I wanted to rip them out and say goodbye to them forever, but realizing it would cost five thousand dollars and open the door to a remodeling nightmare, I opted to paint them as a temporary solution. Now that they are a beautiful glossy white, I love them and wouldn’t dream of ripping them out. Hopefully, by following these steps, you will love your cabinets too.

  1. Clean surface of cabinets. Using a mixture of ┬╝cup of soap and 2 gallons of warm water, scrub all the surfaces where you will be applying paint. It’s important to remove all grease and oil from fingerprints and cooking, so pay careful attention to the cabinets over the stove and around the handles. Failure to remove could cause paint to not adhere to the surface.
  2. Remove hardware. Using a power screwdriver, remove handles from cabinet doors and drawers. Next remove hinges from cabinets and door panels. Put these in baggies if you will be reusing. To help you out, you can check here for helpful tools and devices like the best impact driver to aid you in removing the hardware. Using the right tool will help you do the work accordingly.
  3. Set up a work area outside or in the garage where you will be sanding and painting. Make sure there is proper ventilation and a drop cloth to protect from drips and spills. Bring cabinet doors and drawers out to your work area.
  4. Sand. You’ll need to scuff the surface of the doors and drawers in order for the paint to adhere. Use#100 grit sandpaper and go over the surfaces. Remember, you do not need to remove all the old finish, just create a roughened surface. To remove all dust from sanding, use a tack cloth.
  5. Apply primer. If you have access to a paint sprayer, that’s your best for getting the smoothest finish. If not, a good quality paintbrush will work. First, paint the outside edges, then the inside edges, then the front of the doors and drawers. Make sure you get an even coat.
  6. Prepare kitchen for paint. Use blue painter’s tape to cover the wall and ceiling where the cabinets are attached. Cover counter top and floor with a drop cloth.
  7. Prime cabinets. Using a 2 inch sash brush, first prime edges where you’ve taped and any hard to reach areas. Prime the rest of the cabinets using a small 3 inch roller. Since you’re looking for a smooth finish, make sure you select a roller with a short nap. Let dry.
  8. Apply paint. Apply paint in the same way you did the primer, first painting the doors and drawers, then the cabinets. I recommend using a soft white paint for a clean and modern look. Keep in mind that it will likely take two to three coats for get a professional looking finish. Don’t load on the paint to try to get by with one coat, it will only look sloppy and uneven when it dries. If you’re a perfectionist, you might want to try very lightly sanding the surfaces before your second coat of paint. This will ensure an extra smooth finish.
  9. Replace hardware. Using power screwdriver, handles and knobs. I recommend purchasing new hardware to complete the new look. Basic silver knobs can be purchased fairly inexpensively and look very modern. Next, affix hinges to cabinet doors, and then to cabinets. Put the drawers back in, and you have a brand new looking kitchen!



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