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4 Interesting Party Games To Make Your Next Party Interesting And Mind-Blowing!!!

The popularity of the kitty party is on its hype. Women’s are organizing the kitty party that is considered as particular social gathering of the women that happens in the evening and afternoon as well. They are collecting some money from every member in the party. After that, they are giving money to a member every month.

Each member of the kitty party gets the turn and makes some arrangements related to the entertainment, food and other things. Nothing is better than kitty party because it is associated with some interesting activities. You will find organizers are choosing some special games for the party that is making a memorable event. If you want to make the party memorable then you will have to add some entertaining and exciting games in the party. Following are 4 interesting games that you can add in the party .

  • Ladies guessing game

Majority of the folks are choosing variety of games for the kitty party and Ladies guessing game is one of them. It is considered as easiest and entertaining game where you need three important things like as big bowl, papers and pen as well. It is fairly interesting game where every guest should write a lie on the paper. After that, a person should collect papers from everyone. After that, one should pick the paper randomly and read the lie.  Have or have not questions is considered as one of the great game that you will able to add in the kitty party with ease. If you are deciding a perfect person then you can be winner of the contest.

  • Movie Name Game

When it comes to the fun party games then Movie name game is first thing that comes in our mind. All you need to buy some pens and papers for such fantastic game. After that, you will have to give a particular paper and pen to each player. They should write a particular name of the movie or actor on the paper. It is highly recommended that you should set the time limit about 2 minutes only. If you want to make the game more interesting and entertaining then it would be better to play with bigger group.

  • Predict the advertisement

This particular game is especially available for the woman’s where they should guest the advertisement taglines.  For such game, you will have to buy list of the questionnaire and pens. After that participations should create a perfect list of the advertisement taglines that is quite important. You will have to create a short time limit for such contest of 2 minutes only. Team members are deciding the winner on the maximum number of answers is giving by a person.

  • Brand Game

If you are searching for the simple and exciting game then you should opt for the brand game where guests need to write down the best makeup brands on the paper. If you want to add twist in the game then it would be better to ask them to write about existing brands only. Maximum number of players can play such fantastic game.  If you are organizing a kitty party then you should add such incredible game in it.

Moreover, in order to make the party more exciting and interesting then you should always opt for great games. These are some incredible games that you can add in the party. Make sure that you are choosing best games for them. If possible then you should take the assistance of your brand who will surely suggest a best games for the party.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.